If you have missed your court date, it is very likely that the court has issued a warrant for your arrest.  In order to quash / recall the warrant the court typically requires you to either pay a warrant fee (which you could do, if allowed, at the clerk's office) or you can ask the court in person to quash the warrant.  To do it in person, the process is different in Mount Vernon and Burlington.  In Mount Vernon, you may go to the court on the 8:30am calendar on any Tuesday when court is in session - check in with the clerk's office first so they can take your file(s) into court and then you can go into court and, at the end of the regular calendar, you can talk to the judge and ask to have your warrant quashed.  In Burlington, you will need to check in at the clerk's office at 8:30am and ask them to add you to the afternoon calendar.  You would show up when they tell you to in the afternoon and talk to the judge about quashing your warrant.

It is ultimately up to the judge whether or not to quash your warrant - that is not in the control of your attorney.